Photonic Networks is an innovative company with a focus on civil engineering and the illumination of fibernetworks. Besides these activities, Photonic Networks with connections to her network in South Korea has access to a leading market of optical components and products.


The following activities are part of the Photonic Networks portfolio.

Civil engineeringof fibernetworks
Operationsof fibernetworks
Optical componentsand products

Business fiber

Fiber networks

  1. 1. Civil engineering

    Photonic Networks builds fiber networks with a focus on business parks. The goal is to connect all businesses in these areas. The pricing of a connection is only being billed after a subscription is in place.
    At this moment the following networks are built or building is in progress:

    Alkmaar Beverkoog

    Amsterdam Sloterdijk

  2. 2. Operations

    Besides the civil engineering, Photonic Networks is also taking care of the illumination of the fiber networks. An open architecture is chosen for our network. Because of this open network a large group of service providers can offer their services over the fiber networks of Photonic Networks.

  3. 3. Services

    Photonic Networks is not delivering services to end-customers. Information about the fair price of an Internet connection can be obtained by filling in the contact form. Hundreds of service providers are supporting and can deliver their services on our network through our partners

  4. Optical components and products

    Photonic Networks has excellent relations with suppliers of optical components and products in South Korea. These activities are supported by a local team.

    The availability of a local team also makes it possible for Photonic Networks to develop and produce products based on specifications in South Korea.

Our partners

Service providers


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